Battery Challenge!!

Meifod School are going to be collecting batteries for a competition to try and win a £500 Amazon voucher! As this is organised by Powys County Council and is a per pupil count, therefore being a small school is not a disadvantage. 
So please, collect all of your batteries and bring them into school. If you work in an office, maybe you could get your colleagues to collect for us too. Ask friends and family to give you their batteries as well!! 
They can be brought into school and the box will be by the school visitor book (or pass them onto Miss John for now)
Here are 6 Reasons why we should be re-cycling batteries

1. Batteries contain harmful chemicals

  1. This is perhaps the most important reason why we should seriously consider recycling our used batteries. Batteries are made up of harmful chemicals that can be hazardous to human health, particularly when left around the house as some of these chemicals can linger in the air you breathe! The acids and heavy metals used in batteries also means that if they leak into soil as a result of being disposed of in landfill, the toxins can destroy wildlife and pollute water sources.

2. Recover non-renewable materials

  1. The production of batteries involves raw materials being mined, processed, turned into batteries and then into waste. These materials include the lead, nickel, steel, zinc, mercury, cobalt, lithium, and silver, to name a few – and although they aren’t renewable, they are infinitely recyclable – and by not properly recycling them it makes these materials no longer available for use and therefore negatively impacting the economy.

3. Reduce cost of new batteries

  1. Following from the previous point, by recycling our waste batteries and recovering & re-using the materials, we can then directly ensure that they are used for forward manufacturing, which helps to reduce production costs and ensures that competitively priced products are available for purchase.

4. Reduce risk of fire & explosion

  1. Relative to the vast numbers of batteries in use, battery explosions and fires are relatively rare. However, they can occur and fires in waste facilities can be very hard to extinguish.

    Some types of batteries are more likely to cause fires than others, but all batteries need to be treated with respect, especially if they are damaged or exposed to heat and proper storage and handling can minimise the fire and explosion risk.

5.    Reduce costs to local councils

  1. Like any recycling, battery recycling helps to minimise waste operation, which is funded by Council Tax that householders pay. 

6.    Batteries are easy to recycle

  1. Now more than ever, batteries are easy to dispose of and recycle. Do you know where your nearest battery recycling point is? Does your local Council collect waste batteries at kerbside? 

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