Books, Books, Books!

Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 had a very special visitor this morning. Mrs Sheila Price aka Sunny Brooks books came to read them one of her very own stories “Don’t Go Davy!” The children then drew/wrote what they thought would happen next and shared their ideas with her. She then finished the story which all the children and staff loved!
The children asked some great questions including:
Issa: What book is your favourite? 
Sheila: I like them all for different reasons.
Ava-Rose: How many books have you made? 
Sheila: I’ve written 4 but I’m writing more. I’m always looking at them to change them. The next one I’m making shorter to be able to read them out loud easier.
James: How many schools have you been into? 
Sheila: This is my 3rd school but I would like to visit more. It was difficult during COVID but I am seeing more people now.

My real name is Mrs Price but my author name is Sunny Brooks. Some of my books have characters that you have to find throughout the book.
 Diolch yn fawr Sheila for our special visit!

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