News: Class 3 Impromptu Tidy Up

Class 3 had planned to dead head the daffodils; we watched a video about this. We learnt that you do this when the flowers have died back. We learnt that we do this so that they grow back the next season. 
We left the green bits so that photosynthesis carries on, making chlorophyl 
 to give energy to the bulbs for next year. We will cut back the leaves when they turn floppy and brown. We’ll then take the bulbs out and brush them off, storing them in a dark place ready for next Autumn, when we’ll re plant them again. 
As it was a nice sunny day, we then decided to do a spring clean of the outside area. We also got the cover on the greenhouse. It’s now ready for the whole school to use.
Well done Class 3. 

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